Washington D.C. Virtual Tour 8AMs. Perla Zamora and Mr. Jeff SepulvedaTechnology and US History Classes
An original Project designed by Ms. Perla Zamora and Ms. Monique Autrique (2004). Modified by Mr. Ryan Watson (2009).


IntroductionSome friends from another school have decided to take their first trip to Washington, D.C. Knowing that you are studying American Civics and History, and that you will be taking a tour of Washington, they ask for your help in choosing which places they should visit. You will work as a class to research to find out relevant information about 25 places and create a wiki to share with everyone.
As a class you will design a virtual tour of Washington D.C.The purpose of this virtual tour is to communicate your research and own ideas about the Washington monuments to others. You must use a variety of web 2.0 tools to prepare your virtual tour:
· livebinders.comto organize your web sources,
· wikispaces.com to publish images, video and information about the 25 following listed below,
· animoto.com to produce a 60 seconds promotional video,
· you must select and recommend a web 2.0 to enhace photos for this activity, and use
· Easybib.com for citation.

Individually you are responsible for reporting three places. You must include:- A map of Washington, D.C. showing the place (emphasis maybe labeling).- Information answering the following essential questions.· What is the role or purpose of this structure? (Function)
· How was this structure built? (Architecture and Construction and Location)
· Why is this structure important or noteworthy? (Historical Significance and Purpose)
· What do you think when you visit this structure? (Personal Experience and Reflection)
- Three to five captivating pictures and caption from a different view of the same place. - A 60 seconds promotional videoclip from a tourist’s point of view including an original slogan, it could be as text, recorded voice or both.- MLA Bibliography. You must cite properly ALL text, images, sound and video clips. Remember you are one of the authors, your data must be there too. Process
1.- Please select three places from the list below:
·Capitol Building
· Supreme Court of Justice
· The White House
· The Washington Mall
· Washington Monument
· Holocaust Museum
· The National Archives
· Mount Vernon
· Iwo Jima Monument
· National Gallery of Art
· Museum of Natural History
· Air and Space Museum
· Georgetown District
· Bureau of Engraving and Printing
· U.S. Air Force Memorial
· Arlington National Cemetery
· National Museum of the American Indian
· Ford’s Theatre/Petersen House
· National Cathedral
· Newseum
· Memorials

Ö Franklin D. Roosevelt
Ö Thomas Jefferson
Ö Abraham Lincoln
Ö World War II
Ö Korean War
Ö Vietnam War

Feb. 28 - March 11
March 14-25
March 28– April 1st
Technology Class
Research for information and images
Being webmaster

(add information, photogallery, videoclip and bibliography)

Self-evaluation (Technology Class Rubric)
Final Wikiwebsite

Final Due Date: Completed Wiki, April 1st, 2011

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