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Korean War Veterans Memorial
The Korean War took place on Korea; this war was because United States didn’t wanted Korea to become a communist country. The Korean War was a war between North Korea and United States (Anti-Communists), against South Korea, Soviet Union, and China (Communists). The Anti-Communists won, so they split Korea into two, North Korea, and South Korea. North Korea is one of the richest countries in the world; thanks that communism there was stopped. South Korea became a communist country, the country is poor and some people are starving, this happened because of communism.
The Korean War Veterans Memorial is a memorial that honors all of the people from North Korea and United States that participated in the Korean War. The Veteran’s Memorial also honors all of the people who died in the Korean War, 33,471 North Americans and 1,316,579 North Koreans. The Veteran’s Memorial also honors all of the people who supported the war on home. A Total of 2,448,095 people died at the Korean War, but the Memorial honors mostly soldiers from the United States and North Korea, since they were the Anti-Communists.
The form of the memorial is a triangle that intercepts a circle. In the triangle there are 19 statues. In the circle there is a wall with 22 names. The names are of 22 members of the United Nations that supported Korean War with medical support. The site is about 9,000 meters squared; the statues are about 2.25 meters tall, each approximately weighing 450 kilograms. The statues are made of stainless steel; the statues were designed by Frank Gaylord. The Wall is about 50 meters long and 200 millimeters. The wall approximately weighs 100 tons; the wall is made of “Academy Black” granite. The circle is a pool, approximately 64 meters squared. The memorial also has a big flag pole, with the American flag on it. The location of the Korean War Veterans Memorial is in Washington D.C., it is near of the Lincoln’s Memorial.
On Oct. 28, 1986, the plan of making the memorial was accepted by the House of Representatives and the Senate. The memorial was almost finished on July 27, 1995, but the pool was missing, in July 1999 the memorial was finished. The total cost building the memorial was of 16.5 million dollars. The memorial was dedicated by the President Bill Clinton and the President of South Korea Kim Young Sam. The Korean Veterans Memorial is about 15 years old, this year it will be its 16th anniversary. About 3 million people visit the place every year.
What calls my attention of this memorial is that from sky view, it is a triangle intercepting a circle. I find particularly interesting that there are 19 statues in a form of a triangle. I learned that United Nations was an Anti-Communist and helped the United States and North Korea. I knew that the memorial was dedicated mostly to the Anti-Communist soldiers. I was surprised to find out that the memorial took over 16.5 million dollars to get built. I personal opinion of this memorial, is that the site is really unique and that what I liked the most was the 19 statues that are 2.25 meters tall.
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MLA written report- Korean War Veterans Memorial- by Haeryon Choi
All the countries might have participated in some wars. It might join other country as an ally or it might be the country which is the main country in the war. As you know, United States also had joined several important wars such as World War II., Vietnam War, War of 1812, and the war in Afghanistan today. There is one more war that we can’t forget, and that is Korean War. The United States is having a good relationship with South Korea, because they are both democratic countries. The relationship even got better after the war, and the USA is taking control of Korean military. Since some American soldiers attended in Korean War, lots of Americans died. To remember and to honor those soldiers, Korean War Veterans Memorial was made in Washington D.C.
This memorial was made to honor and remember both the veterans and the war. Since it was an important and unforgettable war for the old people from that generation, some people decided to make the memorial. This memorial is opened to everyone to visit anytime Korean War was known as the “Forgotten War”, but for the 1.5 million people who served in the war, was a pain and one of the bad experiences. So this memorial was dedicated to them, to become unforgettable forever.
The Korean War Veterans Memorial is in the National Mall in Washington, the capitol state of the United States. It is located on the south of the Lincoln Memorial. If you see this from above, the shape of the memorial is a triangle intersected by a circle. The name of the architect is John Lucas, and was selected by the contest. His plan was collaboration with three other companions. In the memorial, there are 19 stains-less statues made by Frank Gaylord, World War II veteran. Also, there is a granite curb on the upper side of the statues’ lists, representing the 22 countries that helped South Korea during the war. The nine-teen statues are facing the front, in the triangle shaped area and are heading towards the American flag. It really shows that the Americans really care about other countries, and their patriotism.
As I said, the United States helped South Korea during the Korean War. At that time, South Korea really needed their allies, because they were almost losing the war. However, by the help of the USA, United Nations, and other twenty two countries, Korea could stand up against North Korea and tie the war. The war hasn’t ended yet, but there is a break, which means that they stopped fighting. The Korean War was the first event where the United Nations was first involved to. The nations from UN helped South Korea, sent food and military support. This war happened after the end of the World War II, and I think it would have been tough for the USA to send troops to Korea, but I think it was possible, because it was the United States. This memorial started with making the Korean War Memorial organization. President Clinton and Kim dedicated this memorial on July 27, 1995.
What call my attention are the steel statues. There were nine teen of them in different poses having weapons. Also each one weighs more than five hundred kilograms. As I said the shape of the memorial from above is a circle intersecting with a triangle. That was very interesting. I knew that the United States helped the South Korea during this war, but I have learnt that the Korean War Memorial exists in the USA. What I was surprised of was that more than twenty countries from United Nations helped the South Korea and sent troops and medications. Since I didn’t visit here, I didn’t feel anything, but I could feel the American patriotism and caring. I would like to visit here one day. Since I am Korean, I am very proud of this memorial in D.C. I am glad that the United States still remembers this war until now. The USA was just an ally, who helped the South Korea, and maybe it is not very important war for them, but still they made a memorial in their country. It’s not honoring only the American servants, but also the Korean and other servants from different countries. I thought that U.S. is a very nice and caring country that helps other countries. Nothing happened while I was there, because I wasn’t there. My opinion about this memorial is that it was a good idea to make this memorial and the structures are very well describing the soldiers.

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