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It was started to built in 1914. The design was planned by the New York architect Henry Bacon which was to let it based on a greek temple with 36 doric columns. Each column represents one state of the Union at the time of Lincoln's death. It was finished in 1922, the Union had expanded with 12 more states, so the names of the 48 states were carved on the outside of the memorial's walls. After the admission of Alaska and Hawaii, a plaque was added with the names of the new states.

by Fernando Pumarejo

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the many memorials found in the exclusive city of Washington D.C. The name says it all; it is used to honor the 16th President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is probably one of the most outstanding presidents of the U.S.; he did several things to benefit the community, especially the African American slaves and their struggle against slavery in the South. It was built in the capital to give honor to this president. The entire Ame
rican community honors him because of his leadership during the Civil War and his accomplishments after it.
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This memorial was begun in 1912 by the hand of architect Henry Bacon who made the design. The building itself is much like the Parthenon. It is designed as a Greek Doric temple; many people thought this memorial did not go with Lincoln’s character, as he was a very humble man. They had proposed another design, a simple log cabin to honor him, but it was not enough so they kept on with the original design. It took 10 long years to finish this memorial which is located on the Washington Mall, so it was finished in 1922. The building is 189.7 by 118.5 feet and is 99 feet tall. Above the frieze, there are the names of 36 states, the 36 states that joined the Union and their respective joining dates. The inside is divided into three parts, each divided by two rows of Ionic columns. The north and south columns (which are to the right and left sides) include parts of his second inaugural address and the Gettysburg address, two of his most famous speeches and two of the most famous speeches in the world’s history. Between the north and south chambers of the memorial is the central hall, which contains a sculpture of Abraham Lin
coln sitting in a chair thinking. The statue was carved by the Piccirilli Brothers under the supervision of Daniel Chester French.
There’s an urban legend that says that General Robert E. Lee’s profile can be seen in Lincoln’s sculpted hair.
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This structure honors Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. The most notorious happening at this memorial is Martin Luther King’s giving his civil rights movement speech I Have a Dream just before the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. It is estimated that about 250,000 people attended to this event.

This memorial has always attracted my attention, it is simply beautiful. If I were Abraham Lincoln, I’d be pretty happy about the amount of effort Americans put into honoring me and the amount of people that have attended to my memorial. I always knew there was something mysterious about this memorial and was 99% sure that there would be an urban legend about it, such as Robert E. Lee’s profile depicted in Lincoln’s hair. I was surprised about how massive this monument was in person, I had no idea it would be so huge and so beautiful. To me, this structure (after the Washington Monument) is the most attractive and most memorable piece of history in Washington D.C. Once you’re there, it’s a whole other level, it’s simply amazing.

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Jose Antonio Ramirez

An intelligent man with a great view of our country, President Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president, and was the man who solved the chaotic problem of the civil war. He sits in marble in a chair in the city of Washington D.C on his own temple, were any one can come by and see him. You will search for it if you look for hope, inspiration, and remembrance of patriotism for the United States.
Our 16th president was with no certain dought, one of the best presidents United States has had and indeed one that helped USA overpasses a tough part of its path towards progress.
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That is why President Lincoln is remembered for. This big memorial honors and remembers Abraham Lincoln and the way he served in his country. He served and helped his country so well, and did the best he could do as president that he is not only remembered in a memorial, if not he’s memorial is located in the capital of D.C.

For a first impression on the outside of this memorial, you can see a 119ft wide, 190ft long, and almost 100ft tall marble temple. This enormous temple has a style identical to the ancient Greek style temple. Holding this temple, there are 38 columns all around it that represent the 36 union states at the time of Lincoln’s death, and 2 that were added after his death. He’s death was a big impact for people on 1865, that is why soon after his death on 1867, government was thinking in building a memorial that would remember him. Unfortunately at the time United States couldn’t afford spending so much money in things like a memorial, they had to look for a better economy and keep moving forward. It was until 1910 that congress approved the bill of the construction which started taking place till 1914 because fund gathering was essential. The temple and memorial were both designed by the architect Henry Bacon.
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He gave the whole temple and ancient Greek style, but he did not build the most important part of the memorial. Sculpturist Daniel Chester French was the man who gave this memorial its impacting piece of art. He was the man that designed and sculptured Lincoln sitting on a chair all made with marble. Thanks to this to fellows you can today see one of the greatest presidents in history lying on a chair on a special temple which can be visited whenever you feel like it.

From the outside this memorial certainly gets your attention, because of the uncommon style it has compared to others. Then when you get to the inside, you get to see a 19ft tall Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair looking at you. It is a place that brings you inspiration and hope to your country. At first you think it will be a 400 year old temple, but it turns out it isn’t. So much passion for the country that people like Martin Luther King jr. got the inspiration and gave one of his most inspiring and known speeches in this place. He stood up in front of a big group of people and talked about rights for black, and how President Lincoln would want that to happen. It’s a perfect way to show Lincoln, how he looks forward and how you get to see him upward. He was a tall man that gave him respect among others. The statue is representative of his greatness as a man and president and how he could
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be an example you should follow. In my opinion it is a place you can’t miss when visiting D.C. it is essential for you to be there. If you stay in silence and think about all the events that happened during and after the civil war you will feel proud of this man, proud of the people that remember him, and proud of this country that could go on without him.
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Camila Arango

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States and very important in American history. When he became president seven southerns states secedes because they disagree with the point of view of Lincoln that he opposed to slavery. After a year four other states secedes and that caused a civil war. He was a very intelligent men and had very good arguments, he was a great leader. He created the emancipation proclamation that was to free the slaves, but the South ignore it and kept their slaves. Later the congress created the 13th amendment which said that slavery is prohibit in the United states. Six days after the civil war end lincoln was shot at the Ford's Theater.

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Two years after he died the congress decide to do a monument that would be dedicated to lincoln. They found the perfect place in 1901 and in 1911 the monument was design by a New Yorker architect named Henry Bacon and the monument cost 2 millions dollars. The structure was based on a greek structure with 32 columns and it represent the states at the time lincoln was death. The lincoln memorial was finished in 1922. The union expanded with 12 more states so the 48 states were place outside the monument's walls and then they had to put a plaque because they had to add Alaska and hawaii.

This monument is a symbol to remember lincoln and how important he was to the nation. He was a great leader and he could make the country be together after the horrendous civil war. Behind the monument there is the Arlington cemetery and near the monument there are the vietnam memorial and the Korea monument.
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It was my favorite monument because he is my favorite president of the united states and his memorial was art to my eyes. I didn't have an idea that the 36 columns of the memorial were the states that the union had at the time lincoln die. The experience of visiting that new place gave me great knowledge things that I never imagine that were so symbolics to the people. I also like that is huge an it's sophisticate that is kind of the stuff I like to see and know about. I have always think that he was a great president and that he deserve all the respect that the people have given to him.
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He practically saved the United States, if he wasn't the president maybe there would still be slavery right now or the united states would still be separate. He did many things that make the nation be one and that is something that impact me because how does just one man do all the things he did and be so important that even at the day of today he is still remembered with great respect. At first I wasn't very exacting to see the Lincoln, but once I got there I was amuse it was incredible the structure and the history everything there caught my attention.


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