by: Roberto Argüello
by: Fernando Pumarejo
Description: Washington D.C. !

Description: The best school trip any
student can go!

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Video 3
by: Maria Jose Nosti
Description: A trip with interesting facts,
memories and friends!

Video 4
by: Julián Fueyo
Description: Washington, an honorable host of knowledge,
art, and wisdom!

Video 5
by: Arantza Rodriguez

Video 6
By: Ana Rosa Sanchez
Video 7
By: Sergio Martinez
Description: Washington D.C. Going Through History

Video 9
By: Patrick Geeting
Description: A short video of what I consider Washington
D.C's best places.

By: Sofia Hernandez
Description: 8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C.

Video 14
by: Maria Solbes
Description: Washington, an unforgettable trip!

Video By: Victoria Mejia
Video 15
By: Camila Arango
Description: DC, a magical place and its must visits!

Description: The best places of DC in my opinion

Video by: Ana Rosa Sanchez

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Video 11
Video 12
by SooJung Hong
A video of my view of wonderful Washington D.C.

by Hyun Choi
Washginton D.C. tRIP VIDEO
Video 16
by: Ursula Grossmann
Washington DC Video

Video 17
by: Haeryon Choi
Description: a video of 3 important places in Washington DC

Video 18
By: Alberto Castillo
Short Animoto

Video 19
By: Jose Antonio Ramirez
brief washingotn trip

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Video 20
By: Daniel Hafner
A slice of my Washington DC trip pie